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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 11, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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legislation that is also intended to close clinics there. the escape routes are ending as lock as the escape routes go to other red states. the escape routes are starting to look like mexico and that's it. good tuesday morning. right now on "first look," anger and frustration. the families of the missing 239 passengers want answers as the search grows for the missing boeing 777 aircraft. plus late breaking details on the passengers. >> plus a dawn to dusk full-court press on the need for action on climate change. marijuana millions. colorado's tax revenue is rocky mountain high as the first full month of reefer revenue is in. >> plus burger king baby seeks birth mom on facebook and one heck of a sucker punch on the hard court. good morning. breaking news overnight on the
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vanished malaysian airlines jet. one of the passengers with a stolen passport was seekinging asylum in europe. they do not believe he has ties to a terrorist group and are in touch with his family. the search is expanding now four days later with 239 people still missing. the leplane's last location is the south china sea. tom costello has the latest. >> reporter: the search has entered its fourth day. dozens of ships, helicopters and planes running searches. so far, nothing. oil sheen and debris spotted over the weekend ended up being false leads. on board the uss blue ridge, commander william marks. >> it will make search conditions more challenging, but
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i can tell you our radars are very advanced and they can negate a lot of the surface clutter. but it does present a challenge for this big international effort. >> reporter: the last reported location for the boeing 777 was over the water halfway between malaysia and vietnam. but with radar suggesting the plane may have started to turn back, the search zone is expanding to include malaysia's mainland and now the waters to the northwest. among the questions why would the plane turn back, and why didn't the crew radio air traffic controllers, a former senior ntsb investigator says a sudden loss of cabin pressure could have incapacitated the crew and passengers within seconds while the plane t continued flying. >> you have to start looking at a trajectory path, at a speed and altitude that they were at, how far could this airplane go. of course it had 7 1/2 hours of fuel on it, but you have to be
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realistic. you have to come up with at least a rate of dissent. >> reporter: if the plane went come up on land, trabs minsmitt beacons should be sending a signal. but if it went down in the sea, black boxes should be sending a homing signal. >> these devices are designed to activate in the water. once active, they produce a brief pulse once a second for 30 days at a depth of up to 20,000 feet. >> nbc's tom costello reporting. back in this country and turning to politics, you are looking live at the senate floor. more than two dozen centers holding an all night session to bring attention to climate change. they call themselves the climate change task force. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington. and they are still at it. >> reporter: they're still talking and proel wibably will r
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a few more hours. they got the two petitions with over 100,000 signatures and that's why they took to the senate floor to talk all night long about things like super storm sandy which many experts believe is related to these issues of climate change and issues of the global warming that they have been talking about for years but been unable to come up with any sort of legislation. listen to what some of those you lawmakers had to say overnight. >> carbon pollution is real. the damage is real. and it is time this chamber take action. >> we're here because if we fail to act, our planet will be destroyed. >> the seriousness of this climate problem is not lost on our average american. >> reporter: now, not all democrats were up there last night talking with climate change. take a look. these are some democrats who
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opted not to participate. interestingly, it they are also in tight races coming up in the fall. now, democratic leaders have given no indication that they're really going to bring any sort of bill to the floor that they think might pass. will is more to bring attention to the issue. republicans call it 30 hours of excuses. >> all right, tracie potts, thank you so much. the battle over recent gun legislation seems to be heating up in california. the national rifle association has asked supreme court justice an ton any kennedy to block a ban on capacity of more than ten bullets. the ordinance was approved by 66% of voters in november. the nra tried blocking the ban but was denied by a federal appeals court. gun owners will now have to either sell the high capacity magazines out of state or choose to have police dispose of them. colorado seeing a lot of green in more ways than one. marijuana brought the state more than $3.5 million in taxes and
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fees in january. more than $2 million coming from recreational pot. the rest from medical marijuana. 59 businesses filed a tax return for recreational pot by the end of january. in january, colorado became the first state to legalize their recreational sale of pot and customers bought more than $14 million worth in that month alone. now to news of another drug. one getting a major crackdown from the justice department. attorney general eric holder speaking out on heroin calling it an urgent and glowing health crisis. data shows abuse rose 79% between 2007 and 2012. and heroin related deaths are up 400% in some places. the doj is now targeting violent traffickers in an effort to rein in use. >> we're doing more than ever to keep illicit drugs off the streets. and to bring violent traffickers to justice. dea is our lead agency. we have adopted a strategy to
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attack all levels of the supply chain. >> the move is the first major effort since the death of philip seymour hoffman. he died from an overdose of heroin and other drugs. an american astronaut back after spending nearly six months on the international space station. the capsule carrying the crew landed safely late last night. it almost had to be postponed due to heavy snow and strong winds. crew members are reportedly doing well and were in good spirits. now to sports and frightening moment. medical personnel rushed to treat rich peverly. he had a history of an irregular heartbeat and he had undergone a procedure to regulate his heartbeat. he was immediately treated with a defibrillator, oxygen and iv. he quickly regained con susne e
2:08 am of the game was postponed. lebron, d. wade and bosh led miami to a win over washington snapping a three game losing streak. and next to college hoops. three teams locked up their postseason on monday night. delaware, manhattan punched their tickets with the tournament wins. and a women's basketball player is the unemployment line after laying out an opposing player. and check out this not on friendly game of musical chairs at a rodeo. that's my chair, she says. not so fast. and then she goes godown, too.
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warm weather is reeking havoc as melting snow causes extreme flooding. the governor of montana has declared a flood emergency. hundreds of people have been cut off in rural areas because of overflowing roads. dozens have been evacuated. and in washington state, waterlogged farms, some race to save chickens from drowning. so everybody seems to be affected. and here with us is bill karins. seems like that whole storm is moving our way. >> that is what is heading an cross the country. if you're in chicago, detroit, buffalo, you just -- just don't listen because it's coming. another snowstorm. we have two storms on the map. you can see them there, the two ls, they will be combining in the middle of the country tonight. and we'll have a very large storm moving from right over the top of st. louis right through new england over the next 48 hours. and the north side of the storm is going to get heavy snow.
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so let me break it down. by 7:00 tonight, the snow will show up between iowa, milwaukee, down to chicago. and then by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, heavy snow in the blue there from detroit to buffalo, northern new england right during wednesday afternoon, all wednesday evening into thursday morning. northern new england difficult travel. and this is how much snow we're talking about. the pink is 6 to 12 possible. lower michigan. and then over a foot of snow in northern new england. i mean, it does avoid i-95, a lot of the big cities won't get this, but for northern new england and the lower great lakes, i apologize. >> we feel for you. a new recall to tell you about. plus oscar pistorius vomits in court during testimony on the death of girlfriend reeva steenkamp. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
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now for your first look at
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business. >> the house energy and commerce committee will reportedly launch a probe and hold hearings on gm's recall of nearly 1.6 million vehicles that have been linked to 13 deaths. the "wall street journal" says lawmakers want to examine the sl slow response of gm. a survey by staffing finds 19% of employers plan to add workers this spring, strongest hiring intentions in six years. manpower says engineering and tech are the hottest sectors. and microsoft is releasing titan fall, highly anticipated combat game for xbox 1 today. microsoft is hoping it will shoot new life into xbox sales which have lagged behind playstation 4. >> thank you very much. now to stories making news this morning. in a 97-vote, the senate approved a bill that would toughen procedures for sexual assault.
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the bill would eliminate the good soldier offense which would allow the accused to use their good military record as evidence of their innocence. new sanctions against russia are being considered by the united states and other world powers including travel bans and asset freezes. the u.s. and the eu are considering crimea's march 16th referendum vote illegal with david cameron calling it unconstitutional. the most dramatic moments yet in the pistorius trial came monday when a both ol guest described the postmortem examination. pistorius repeatedly vomited and covered his ears prompting the judge to briefly halt the proceedings. today we can expect the defense to cross-examine the pathologist. scrambled politics is next. feed it, and care for it, don't we grow something more? we grow big celebrations, and personal victories.
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instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. ink from chase. so you can. here is a first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. on monday businessman jeffrey thompson pleaded guilty to illegal funding of back door campaign in order to help current d.c. mayor win the 2010 election. prosecutors now say the first term democrat has detailed knowledge about the plan. the mayor denies any involvement and says he's still focusing on his ongoing re-election campaign. mea culpa. remember the anyone minute lawmaker whose tweet about the nba ignited a firestorm with labels of racism?
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he's now backtracking. he says, quote, the nba has many examples of players and owners who are role models for our communities and for our country. those individuals did not deserve the criticism and i apologize. it has been two weeks since jan brewer vetoed a religious freedom bill viewed by many as anti-gay, but congresswoman michele bachmann is still up in arms over that decision. >> the gay community decided to make this their measure. and the thing that i think is getting a little tiresome is the gay community, they've so bullied the american people and they so intimidated politicians, politicians fear them. and so they think they get to dictate the agenda everywhere. not with the constitution you don't. >> according to a new poll, 61% of republicans under 30 say they support same-sex marriage. that number is flipped with the older generation just 27% republicans over 50 favor you allowing gays and lesbians to marry.
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voters in southwest florida go to the polls today in a special congressional election. and whatever the outcome, it will set a record. the winner will become the 64 #th pers#th person in the current house special to washington by a special election. senator ted cruz wants to make peace with senator rand paul. the two got into a public spat after cruz said he was more like president reagan on foreign policy. this morning his office issued a statement saying he will always, quote, stand with rand. presidential staffers delivered two cases of white house beer to the canadian embassy on monday after president obama lost a bet to stephen harper. one case of honey porter and one case of honey blond. and that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. joining me now, ellis, thanks so
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much for being with us. >> where is the canadian beer? >> where is it when you need it, right? let's look at the president's schedule as it relates to the unrest in ukraine. let's talk about the weekend. he went golfing in key largo, yesterday he welcomed nba champions to the white house. so with all these goings ones, what is happening when it comes to solving the crisis in ukraine? >> first of all, the president isn't doing all of the details of that. i don't mind a president being rested and ready. listen, this is a political hit that dems do on lazy republican presidents and republicans do on lazy democrat being presidents. frankly, it's kind of meaningless. >> he was speaking with other leaders, too, when it comes to this. >> you get every sense that he's
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engaged. >> let's talk about this. senate democrats on the floor with an eight hour of the 15 hour all nighter trying to make climate change and global warming a politically urgent issue here. if anything, what happens after the senators are all talked out? >> i'm just glad we're not the only ones working at this hour. it is nice to see some of these folks out there on the floor. practically speaking, probably nothing is going to happen. there is no real consensus in congress or even in the senate right now. it's so hard to get stuff done given the sgrid lock in washington. but you know what, i like them talking about it even if they do is in the middle of the night. >> it gets us talking. so at least regardless of what happens on 2that floridor, ther talk. >> if you want to bring attention to the issue, talk about it in the middle of the night.
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>> exactly. thank you so much for being with us. still ahead, an agitated and annoyed justin bieber lashes out during a legal deposition. we have that next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands? you're not doing anything as fast as you used to, which is funny, because i still do it better than her. [ afi ] i do not like sweeping. it's a little frustrating. [ zach ] i can't help out as much as i used to.
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what is in this thing besides 15 tips to better love their neighbor, ten prayers that drive god wild some. >> it will feature colorful photo spread s and includes a center fold poster of the pontiff. >> slow down there. how are they going to keep that -- oh!
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saucy, but tasteful. i guess i'll have to go behind the news stand. justin bieber was not in a cooperative mood during his latest court deposition. he mumbled a whole lot and even cursed at a court reporter. >> do you know an entertainer by the name of usher? >> shusher, that sounds familiar. >> was your answer yes? >> yes. >> i'm sorry, i keep asking you this, but can you please speak up? >> yes and no are [ bleep ] pretty different. >> when the lawyer asked about former girlfriend selena gomez, bieber got really serious or at least tried to look serious. >> don't ask me about her again. >> sir, you're under --
2:28 am
>> don't ask me about her again. don't ask me about her again. >> now to a former police officer who filed a lawsuit against the city of beverly hills. he alleges he was demoted from his position for reporting a fellow officer has disturbed the scene of whitney houston's death. he says the sergeant lifted the sheet covering houston's naked body and then made lewd comments about how good she looked. and big finale of what has been a controversial season of the bachelor aired last night. juan pablo chose nicky farrell. but he department present her with a ring, no wedding to look forward, to just a promise. it was when he turned down claire that things got kind of awkward. >> i'll tell you what, i thought i knew what kind of man you were. what you just made me go through, i would never want my children having a father like you. >> okay. glad i didn't pick her.
2:29 am
>> oh, the drama. classic bachelor style. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. welcome to the view. joining us, please welcome msnbc anchor thomas roberts. >> thank you very much. i wore the breast secondhand suit i have. i'm not thomas roberts, but i am wearing one of his suits. i believe he wore this to his kindergarten gradation. pulling an all nighter. why two dozen senators have spent more than 11 hours on the
2:30 am
sn senate floor. and new information on the men who used fake passports and the hunt to find the plane. this is "way too early". good morning. i'm bill karins in for thomas roberts. it's tuesday, march 11. welcome to the show that would talk weather for a half hour straight if only we had a weatherman to do it. but we begin with the latest on the missing jet and uncertainty surrounding its 239 passengers and crew. the search for the plane and any survivors has entered its fourth day after several leads turned out to be false. 34 aircraft and 48 ships in a total of ten nations are involved in the search which has expanded to the south china sea and areas west of malaise kra. officials say they are skeptical of foul play, but they can't rule anything out including a bombing or hijacking. cnbc's senior correspondent


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